Improve your photography coures !


photography courses suitable for all abilities



Whether you are a complete beginner, a keen amateur new to the world of digital photography or just getting to grips with a new camera, I can help you to get the most from your camera and improve your photography.


All tuition is in a class room and on location very much hands-on. my workshops have a maximum of eight participants,

so you are assured of  attention and help as and when you need it.


if you have a passion for photography, I will inspire and encourage you to take your photography to the next level. but I do believe learning should be fun? so the classes are informal and relaxed.






• Start with the basics - keep it simple, learn the basics (or refresh them if you are already up and running)


• Review your equipment and make sure you know how to use the most important camera functions


• Understanding light and exposure - and how to create more dynamic compositions


• Understanding depth of field - how to get the best from your portraits and landscapes


• Develop and set up your own portfolio.


• Learn new field skills and how to set up a landscape shot.


• shooting individuals, finding great light and backgrounds


• Digital Editing : From Camera to Print.


• Preparing yourself and your client for the shoot


• Setting up a Studio for a shoot


• Shooting individuals, finding great light and backgrounds


• Post-production, Photoshop retouching


• Set up and create your own  post-production techniques



You’ll start off with some tuition in preparing for the Understand how to see photographically and know what works best


No matter what your interested in photographing this course will give you a great understanding of your camera and get you from Automatic settings into complete Manual (M) settings and give you the choice of how you’d like your picture to look rather than letting the camera choose for you.


so all in all This practical  workshop is designed to teach you how to use your camera in manual mode. You will learn how to take full control of your camera, and be able to visualize your photo and know how to capture it.

Also in this workshop is


professional standard - Adobe Photoshop.


1. Create powerful images with the professional standard in image manipulation and touch-up – Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop software provides improved access to its unrivalled power through a more intuitive user.



2. Photoshop effects in Illustrator Advanced type features Creating character and paragraph styles,  Horizontal and vertical scaling, Adding text to a vector path* Adding gradients to type, Saving and exporting, Printing your artwork.

So this workshop can help you advance is many ways.  Understanding light and improving your shooting skills, developing a strong portfolio, or learning all the secrets of the digital darkroom.


You will need



1. An SLR camera to part take in this course


2. I guarantee to show how to get fantastic pictures with your camera.


If you are booking with a friend or family member then you can just email me and I will give you the start dates of the workshop or you can Select a date there are 2 workshops.

Thanks Shaun




For more information on these courses please email me.